Recognition of Ministry Certificate

This certificate program introduces students to core Christian Theology and selected Biblical Studies. The intent of this program is to provide students with a core of Biblical and Theological knowledge from which to further their own study. Students will also develop their skills in Biblical interpretation in order to continue the skills and disciplines they have developed after graduating from this program.

While credits earned in this program are transferable to other programs, students should look at a Diploma or Degree program if they intend to pursue full time ministry.

Year 1


Orientation to Online Learning   1 cr. hr.

Semester 1 
Hermeneutics 3 cr. hrs.
Systematic Theology I: God & the Human Condition 3 cr. hrs.
Personal & Spiritual Formation 3 cr. hrs.
Homiletics 3 cr. hrs.
Gospels 3 cr. hrs.
Practicum 1: Project Management 1.5 cr. hrs.
Semester 2 
Pastoral Theology 3 cr. hrs.
Faith Community Perspectives One:  Pentecostal History 3 cr. hrs.
Biblical Theology (Luke/Acts) 3 cr. hrs.
Systematic Theology II: Soteriology/Christology 3 cr. hrs.
Biblical Studies Elective (OT) 3 cr. hrs.
Approved Practicum Elective 1.5 cr. hrs.