DIPLOMA IN THEOLOGY - Children's and Family Ministry

The Diploma in Theology qualifies students to apply for PAOC licensed ministry credentials. Further information on credentialing is available from your PAOC or PAONL District Office.

The Children and Family Ministry (CFM) Program, develops leaders who are intentional about engaging in ministry with children and families in creative and innovative ways, all through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Year 1


Orientation to Online Learning                                                                                                    1 cr. hr.

Bible As Story 3 cr. hrs.
Hermeneutics 3 cr. hrs.
Gospels 3 cr. hrs.
Interpersonal Communication 3 cr. hrs.
Introduction to Personal Formation 3 cr. hrs.
Practicum: Personal Effectiveness 1 cr. hrs.
Practicum: Relationships 1 cr. hrs.
Foundations of Family Ministry 3 cr. hrs.
Leadership and Team Dynamics 3 cr. hrs.
Theology I:  God & the Human Condition 3 cr. hrs.
Worldviews and Contemporary Culture 3 cr. hrs.
Curriculum Design and Development 3 cr. hrs.

Year 2

Church History 3 cr. hrs.
Pentateuch 3 cr. hrs.
Homiletics 3 cr. hrs.
Pauline Literature: Romans 3 cr. hrs.
Practicum: Volunteers 1 cr. hrs.
Theology II:  Soteriology/Christology

3 cr. hrs.
Practicum: Meetings 3 cr. hrs.
English Composition 3 cr. hrs.
Administration of Children's and Family Ministry 3 cr. hrs.
Introduction to Psychology 3 cr. hrs.
Biblical Language Usage 3 cr. hrs.

Year 3

Pastoral Letters 3 cr. hrs.
Pastoral Counselling 3 cr. hrs.
Pentecostal History 3 cr. hrs.
Leadership Systems & Services 3 cr. hrs.
Pastoral Life 3 cr. hrs.
Ethics 3 cr. hrs.
Biblical Theology (Luke/Acts) 3 cr. hrs.
Pastoral Theology 3 cr. hrs.
Expository Presentation 3 cr. hrs.
Theology III:  Ecclesiology/Eschatology 3 cr. hrs.
Full Year - Internship Children's and Family Ministry 9 cr. hrs.