BTh. in Youth Ministry

The youth degree is designed after serious research and intense consultation with effective youth pastors. In this program of study, students will master the core competencies for doing youth ministry in church and para-church settings. They will be equally prepared to preach, manage an effective ministry and be fully employable in Youth Ministry. They will be fully prepared to develop and lead disciple-making ministries in rural, urban, suburban, or international settings.

Year 1

Pre-Requisite Requirement
Orientation to Online Learning                                                                   1 cr. hr.

Year 1

Hermeneutics 3 cr. hrs.
Youth Ministry Program Planning 3 cr. hrs.
Bible as Story 3 cr. hrs.
Interpersonal Communication 3 cr. hrs.
Gospels 3 cr. hrs.
Practicum: Relationships 1 cr. hrs.
Leadership and Team Dynamics 3 cr. hrs.
Worldviews and Contemporary Culture 3 cr. hrs.
Foundations of Family Ministry 3 cr. hrs.
Intro to Personal Formation 3 cr. hrs.
Theology I: God & the Human Condition 3 cr. hrs.
Practicum 2 - Personal Effectiveness 1 cr. hrs.

Year 2

Pauline Literature: Romans 3 cr. hrs.
Church History 3 cr. hrs.
Homiletics 3 cr. hrs.
Theology II: Soteriology/Christology 3 cr. hrs.
Youth Issues and Problem Solving 3 cr. hrs.
Pentateuch 3 cr. hrs.
Practicum: Meetings 1 cr. hrs.
Church History: From the Crusades to the Modern Age 3 cr. hrs.
Biblical Language Usage 3 cr. hrs.
Introduction to Psychology 3 cr. hrs.
English Composition 3 cr. hrs.
Adolescent Development 3 cr. hrs.
Practicum: Volunteers 1 cr. hrs.

Year 3

Philosophy 3 cr. hrs.
Pastoral Letters 3 cr. hrs.
Leadership Systems & Services 3 cr. hrs.
Pastoral Counselling 3 cr. hrs.
Historical Literature Joshua-Esther 3 cr. hrs.
Youth Apologetics and Evangelism 3 cr. hrs.
Pastoral Life 3 cr. hrs.
Biblical Theology (Luke/Acts) 3 cr. hrs.
Hebrew Poetry/Wisdom Literature 3 cr. hrs.
Theology III: Ecclesiology/Eschatology 3 cr. hrs.
Practicum: Law/ Property/ Project Management/ Technology 3 cr. hrs.


Year 4

Ethics 3 cr. hrs.
Faith Community Perspectives One:  Pentecostal History 3 cr. hrs.
Senior Theology 3 cr. hrs.
Prophets Jeremiah/ Isaiah 1.5 cr. hrs.
Expository Presentation 3 cr. hrs.
Johannine Literature and Revelation 3 cr. hrs.
Youth Ministry and Culture 3 cr. hrs.
1 Corinthians 3 cr. hrs.
Internship: Youth Ministry 9 cr. hrs.