BTh. in Pastoral Ministry

This program provides the serious student who has a call to full-time vocational ministry with the skills to lead a church or other Christian ministry context with confidence and vision. Combining a thorough foundation of theological studies with practical ministry training, this degree will challenge, train and inspire students of any age.

Pre-Requisite Requirement
Orientation to Online Learning                                                                   1 cr. hr.

Year 1

Hermeneutics 3 cr. hrs.
Open Elective 3 cr. hrs.
Bible as Story 3 cr. hrs.
Interpersonal Communication 3 cr. hrs.
Gospels 3 cr. hrs.
Practicum: Relationships 1 cr. hrs.
Leadership and Team Dynamics 3 cr. hrs.
Worldviews and Contemporary Culture 3 cr. hrs.
Foundations of Family Ministry 3 cr. hrs.
Intro to Personal Formation 3 cr. hrs.
Theology I: God & the Human Condition 3 cr. hrs.
Practicum 2 - Personal Effectiveness 1 cr. hrs.

Year 2

Pauline Literature: Romans 3 cr. hrs.
Church History 3 cr. hrs.
Homiletics 3 cr. hrs.
Theology II: Soteriology/Christology 3 cr. hrs.
Philosophical Foundations 3 cr. hrs.
Pentateuch 3 cr. hrs.
Practicum: Meetings 1 cr. hrs.
Church History: From the Crusades to the Modern Age 3 cr. hrs.
Biblical Language Usage 3 cr. hrs.
Introduction to Psychology 3 cr. hrs.
English Composition 3 cr. hrs.
The Art of Pastoral Care 3 cr. hrs.
Practicum: Volunteers 1 cr. hrs.

Year 3

Philosophy 3 cr. hrs.
Pastoral Letters 3 cr. hrs.
Leadership Systems & Services 3 cr. hrs.
Pastoral Counselling 3 cr. hrs.
Historical Literature Joshua-Esther 3 cr. hrs.
Church Revitalization 3 cr. hrs.
Pastoral Life 3 cr. hrs.
Biblical Theology (Luke/Acts) 3 cr. hrs.
Hebrew Poetry/Wisdom Literature 3 cr. hrs.
Theology III: Ecclesiology/Eschatology 3 cr. hrs.
Practicum: Law/ Property/ Project Management/ Technology 3 cr. hrs.


Year 4

Ethics 3 cr. hrs.
Faith Community Perspectives One:  Pentecostal History 3 cr. hrs.
Senior Theology 3 cr. hrs.
Prophets Jeremiah/ Isaiah 1.5 cr. hrs.
Expository Presentation 3 cr. hrs.
Johannine Literature and Revelation 3 cr. hrs.
Senior Integrative Seminar - Pastoral Ministry 3 cr. hrs.
1 Corinthians 3 cr. hrs.
Internship: Pastoral Ministry 9 cr. hrs.