Internship: Intercultural Ministry

Course number: DEFE455 • Credit hours: 6 hrs


This practicum is designed to help the student preparing for internship in the next semester by participating in the STM preparation course as well as time spent in the class discussing things relevant to preparation for travel and time spent in each location. The Missions Internship is a minimum 10-week (400 hrs.) cross-cultural experience to practically prepare students for their future ministry & calling. The student will build upon the 1st year cross-cultural team experience and 2nd year placement. Emphasis is placed on experiencing the life and work of a missionary in a supervised setting that will begin to prepare the student for a life of missions. The goal is to facilitate the entire internship process with an emphasis on developing an approach to responding to a personal missions calling. The class will be discussion based. You will be expected to share openly and honestly your reflections. Your efforts will benefit not only yourself, but also the class. The class will be a focal point for internship preparation and personal development as well missions, information and issues. Please refer to the School of World Discipleship Internship Manuals.