What to Expect


Each course is divided into 4 to 6 learning modules. Each module has assigned reading from a course text book that students purchase and from course notes that can be read online or downloaded to their computer. After completing the readings, there is an essay, discussion paper, or another type of assignment that the student writes independently and uploads to the professor through our confidential learning management software.

Assignments are due 2 to 3 weeks apart, according to a schedule that is set at the start of the course. They are graded within 5 business days and returned to the student by the professor. The grades are posted online for the student to track their progress. At the end of the course, the final grade is posted and course credit is awarded to the student.

Students are not required to do group projects, write exams, or participate in discussion forums. If students have questions about their course, the reading material or the assignments, they message their professor and will receive a response within a day.