accredited Accredited

Vanguard College Online, is fully accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). The Government of Alberta has granted the College the privilege of granting degrees in divinity. As an accredited ABHE College, you can transfer all relevant courses to and from another ABHE accredited college. The government's regulation permits online students to access student loans.

Nearly all credible Bible colleges and universities in North America seek accreditation from the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). This sought-after accreditation ensures that programs and courses meet the stringent guidelines set by ABHE. ABHE has to be satisfied that our courses, programs, and instructors meet or exceed the quality of other members of ABHE. All relevant courses completed through Vanguard College Online are fully transferable to other ABHE schools.

 Ministerial Credentials

Vanguard College is part of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and our degree and diploma graduates meet the requirements for ministerial credentials after completing their programs. In addition, other denominations recognize almost all of our courses and may require their ministers to take just a few additional denomination-related courses.

  Transfer of Credits

Related courses from accredited Bible colleges and secular colleges and universities may qualify for transfer credits. In addition, credits may be awarded for related life and ministry experiences.
Upon completion, students have the opportunity to study with any ATS or ABHE Graduate School or Seminary.

Students may contact the Registrar to inquire.

 Student Finances

Vanguard College has several scholarships and awards which online students can access. In addition, all our certificate, diploma and degree programs qualify for student financing. Online students applying for the first time that enroll in full-time studies are eligible for Entering Student Scholarships. Returning students will be notified by the Vanguard Online Director if they qualify for a Returning Student Scholarship.

For information on Entering Student Scholarships click this link:  Scholarships & Bursaries

 Affordable Tuition Rates

Vanguard College courses have some of the lowest tuition rates in Canada. Additional fees are nominal making student learning reasonable and affordable.

 Achievement and Placement

Our online programs enjoy some of the highest successful completion rates in the distance learning field. On average, 91.2% of all courses were completed successfully.

Students who serve in their home community are often hired while studying or placed before they graduate.

 Available Professors

Vanguard Online has a team of adjunct professors who are available to students one-to-one. Students do not study in isolation but have the support from their professors and the College. Each course has its own professor who is qualified in their areas with several of them currently serving in pastoral roles. This blend of academics and practice help ensure our instructors know their students and interact with them in a caring and compassionate way.