About Vanguard Online

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Vanguard Online was created to provide learners with greater access to quality, standard-based Christian Higher education with enough flexibility so that learners everywhere can manage their own learning goals. When you sign up for a single course or an entire certificate, diploma, or degree through online studies, your earned credits are issued by Vanguard College.

From there, you will discover a world of transferability to over 150 ABHE accredited Bible Colleges and Seminaries in North America!

Our Campus

Vanguard College Online is based out of our Vanguard College campus in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada).

Our online instructors are approved adjunct professors at Vanguard College. They are available to students one-to-one to answer questions or to give you direction. Students also have access to resources through our library. Online students are an important part of our college!

Our History

For decades Vanguard College had a distance education program that relied on other institutions. By 2001 the College realized that it needed to develop its own online courses and programs. The first set of locally designed and developed courses were made available to students in September 2002. Now Vanguard Online (formerly IBOLT) offers to include two four-year degrees, a two-year post-degree, a completers degree, a three-year diploma and five one-year certificates. Our graduates serve in churches and other agencies in Canada, United States, and other countries.